Things You Need to Prepare Before Joining Ubud Cycling

Joining Ubud cycling tour is very fun and unique method that you can do to enjoy the area with beautiful sceneries. You can also find various routes with different destinations that might suit your preference. Like any other tour, you also need to prepare some things before. These preparations are necessary to make sure you would not encounter any obstacle along the way.

Things You Need to Prepare Before Joining Ubud Cycling

Wear comfy clothes

First thing that you need to prepare is some comfy clothes. It might not like it but, cycling means you will do some sport activity. So, you want clothes that allows you to move easily.

If it is possible, try to use cycling gears and specific shoes for cycling. However, if you do not own any, you can wear simple t-shirt and pants. Wear shoes to protect your feet and Do not wear jeans since it can cause a lot of frictions.

Do some stretching

Before you even start the Ubud cycling tour, take some time to do some stretching. No matter how far or short the route that you will take stretching is necessary so you would not pull any muscle while riding. Do 30 mins to 1 hour stretch and make sure all of your muscles are ready for the activity.

Prepare enough drink and food

You will sweat a lot while cycling, so it is important to make sure you always stay hydrated. So, prepare enough drink that you can reach anytime you need even when you are on the road.

Foods are also necessary to prepare when you go for a long route. But if you have plan to stop on one of the restaurants along the way, then you can prepare some snack and sweets for extra energy boost just in case you feel hungry before reaching the restaurant.

Choose the right bike type

You need to choose the right bike type according to the Ubud cycling route that you will take. Some bikes are designed for specific terrains. For example, you can choose mountain bike when you take hill route. But you can choose road bike if you take street road.

By choosing the right bike type then it will be easier to go through the terrains since they are specifically designed for those terrains. However, it would be better if you use electric bike which can help you a lot with the pedaling.

Bring some cash

It is always a good thing to bring some cash with you. Even if you the route that you choose might not stop on any shopping market but you might still find something along the way. You do not need to bring too much money just enough for you to buy something that might peak your interest.

Those are some things that things you need to prepare before joining Ubud cycling. Having all of those things prepared beforehand is really helpful to make sure you have everything you might need. If you join Ebikes Bali tour, then some of them already prepared for you so you do not need to worry.

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